Meetings January - July 2020
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Conversation Group Programme – January - July 2020
N.B.: As we are not very happy with the location at the Kulturpunkt West, mainly because of the bad acoustics, we have been searching for an alternative location. We have found a possibly suitable location, “Wohnen mit Zukunft” Ambet, Ilmenaustraße 2, 38120 Braunschweig. How to get there:
Paul and some committee members have viewed the premises and would recommend moving, however we would like to give our DEG members the opportunity to get to know the premises before we make a final decision. We therefore, propose to have our 23.01.2020 meeting (Narrowboating) there to try out the location and we would appreciate it if you are able to attend so that you can give us your opinion whether to move or not.

Thursday, 9th January: Introduction to our Blog
Maria Stenzel from Stadt Marketing, will introduce us to the Blog she has created which involves our Association and the Bath Twinning Association. This is not only for IT specialists
and technical freaks!

Thursday, 23rd January: Narrowboating – (meeting takes place at Ilmenaustraße 2, 38120 Braunschweig)
Four inexperienced women ages 61 to 68 spent a week on a narrowboat in Cheshire last year. They cruised 41 miles on the Llangollen and the Cheshire Union Canal - opening and
closing 30 locks on their way. The canals in England date partially back to Roman times but the canal system was mainly a product of the 18
th and 19th centuries and is nowadays almost exclusively used for tourism. Gudrun Schweimler-Löffler will show us how they learned
to steer the boat, what to consider when the locks are opened and closed, how they lived on the boat and what else they saw and did on their route from Wrenbury Mill to Chester and back.

Thursday, 6th February: Barbara’s Cruise
Barbara Heck will tell us about her Aida trip from Hamburg to Southampton and back along the coast.

Thursday, 20th February: AGM
Annual General Meeting- see separate invitation. Hoping that all members will attend as final decision is to be made whether we move to the new location, Ilmenaustraße 2.

Thursday, 5th March: Childhood in Wales
Coinciding with Saint David’s day celebration on 01.03., our member, Gwyneth Jones will talk about Wales’ Patron Saint and her childhood in rural Wales during the 1940s and 1950s.

Thursday, 19th March: Short story
Astrid Wagner will read a short story from a 1993 collection of short stories “The facts behind the Helsinki Roccamatios” by the Canadian author Yann Martel, best known for his 2001 Book Prize Winning novel “Life of Pi”. The short story title from this book is “The Vita Aeterna Mirror Company, Mirrors to Last till Kingdom Come”. A young man is visiting his elderly grandmother. She tries to tell him stories from the history of his family, but he refuses to listen; her dialogue is rendered as blah, blah, blah. Searching her house for a pair of moccasins, the narrator
comes across a machine that  makes mirrors and asks his grandmother how it works.
She explains that it requires four ingredients oil, sand, silver, and memories. In fact the machine turns memories into mirrors bringing her grandson to an appreciation of his grandmother’s life.

Thursday, 16th April: Outing to the Braunschweig Library – Time: 17.00 hrs.
Barbara Howe has arranged for Ms Gärtner from the Library to give us a special tour  highlighting English books.
Meeting place: Schloßplatz

Thursday, 14th May: California
Dagmar Theeß recently visited California. She will talk about her interesting journey through the State including San Francisco, the good and the more difficult life in Silicon valley as well as Stanford and Berkeley Universities.

Thursday, 28th May: Beatrix Potter Reading
Beatrix Potter (1866-1943) was an English writer, illustrator, natural scientist, and conservationist. Growing up isolated from other children, she developed a love of landscape, flora, and fauna, all of which she closely observed. However, she is best known for her children’s
books and her illustrations featuring animals. Gudrun Schweimler-Löffler will read Potter’s Taylor of Gloucester and will talk about her life and her legacy as she left almost all her property to the National Trust and is credited with preserving much of the land that now constitutes the Lake District National Park.

Thursday, 18th June: Bingo
A fun evening of bingo with Paul.

Friday, 3rd July: Summer Party
Once again this year our summer party at the Kulturpunkt West will be organised by the Stadt Braunschweig and will include all the twin cities. Due to lack of capacity, this event is reserved for members only. More details and full programme later.

Meetings take place at,
Kulturpunkt West, Ludwig-WinterStraße 4, 38120 Braunschweig, unless otherwise stated. Doors open at 7.30 pm (19.30) with the main topic at 8.00 pm (20.00). Topic may be changed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Additional events:
25.04.2020 – a group of members and friends will attend the musical “Chicago” at the Staatstheater
06.06.2020 – participation at Braunschweig International on the Kohlmarkt. More details later.
27.06.2020 – “Madama Butterfly” premiers in the Arena on the Burgplatz.