2. Newsletter 2020
Veranstaltungen September bis Dezember 2020
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 Conversation Group Programme – September - December 2020
Thursday, 3rd September: How did I personally experience the lockdown?
General Coronavirus discussion on how we dealt withthe crisis.

Thursday, 17th September: Bingo
A fun evening with Bingo with Paul. Hope you will join us and try your luck.

Thursday, 1st October: “The Rochdale Pioneers” – Co-operative Societies
More than a billion of people are working cooperatively throughout the world, based on the same democratic principles. After a short introduction to the context and the
presentation of the main actors, Andreas Beblik will also show a rare documentary (2012), a very thought-provoking film of the struggle to start a
cooperative movement. You get a sense of what this meant for the factory workers of Rochdale in the mid-19th century, and what they believed and abandoned
for a chance to attain it. (Talk & movie in English  discussion welcome)

Thursday, 29th October: Reading
Jürgen Kumlehn will read from his new book, "Jewish Families in Wolfenbüttel - The writer Werner llberg". The Wolfenbüttel born merchant Werner Ilberg joined
the Communist Party in Berlin in 1932 and worked in the Underground against the National Socialists. After escaping from a Berlin concentration camp and prison,
he fled to Prague. Before the German Wehrmacht moved in there, he was able to flee to England in 1938. There he lived with his wife until 1947. He also worked in England for the Communist Party and was interned as an "enemy alien" in Liverpool for a while.
Jürgen would like to read especially from his time in exile and give an impression of the life of German refugees in Great Britain. The reading is in German.

Thursday, 12th November: California
Dagmar Theeß recently visited California. She will talk about her interesting journey through the State  including San Francisco, the good and the more difficult life in Silicon valley as well as Stanford and Berkeley Universities.

Thursday, 26th November: Short story
Astrid Wagner will read a short story from a 1993 collection of short stories “The facts behind the Helsinki Roccamatios” by the Canadian author Yann Martel, best known for his 2001 Book Prize Winning novel “Life of Pi”. The short story title from this book is “The Vita Aeterna Mirror Company, Mirrors to Last till Kingdom Come”.
A young man is visiting his elderly grandmother. She tries to tell him stories from the history of his family, but he refuses to listen; her dialogue is rendered as blah, blah, blah. Searching her house for a pair of moccasins, the narrator comes across a machine that makes mirrors and asks his grandmother how it works. She explains that it requires four ingredients oil, sand, silver, and memories. In fact the machine turns
memories into mirrors bringing her grandson to an appreciation of his grandmother’s life.

Thursday, 10th December: Christmas Party
Our Christmas party will be at the Familiensportverein Braunschweig, Parnitzweg 5, 38108 Braunschweig. Same procedure as every year. Please bring a contribution to the buffet and a wrapped gift for the raffle. Regrettably this event is for members only.

Meetings take place at Wohnen mit Zukunft
Ambet, Ilmenaustraße 2, 38120 Braunschweig, unless otherwise stated. Doors open at 7.30 pm (19.30) with
the main topic at 8.00 pm (20.00). Topic may be changed due to unforeseen circumstances.
We welcome suggestions and ideas for future topics for our programme. Your input will be appreciated.
Additional Event: Paul’s “Wednesday Painting Group” will exhibit their art from 19th - 26th September 2020 at the FSV, Parnitzweg 5 (poster attached).
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