Dear members and friends of the DEG,
We hope you are all doing fine and have found a way to cope with this special situation we are all in.

As you all know it may take some time until we can meet in person again. That's why some members of the DEG have been creative and come up with the idea of offering various online activities such as online quizzes/games, online presentations or founding a DEG Book Club (of course only virtually for the time being) in which we come together in a Jitsi video conference and discuss literature, recommend books we have read and so on. There are numerous options. Also, ideas for an online pub quiz as well as for joint walks are in process.
The first meeting of the DEG Book Club will be on Thursday, 28th January, 7 pm. I would be the first to host this meeting and we will pass on this role each time. Please register with me (Katrin) as soon as possible in case you would like to join us under:

I will then send you the link to the video conference as well as the short story we would like to deal with as a start. Please also contact me if you would like me to put you on the mailing list for further online activities.
Don't hesitate to contact us for questions or further ideas and suggestions. We are happy to be there for you and to keep us all connected. It may take a while until we can meet again personally, so let's keep in touch virtually or if you wish by phone.
Stay safe and healthy.

Dear Members and Friends,

Hoping that you all had a good summer holiday regardless the Corona restrictions.

  Attached is our Newsletter 2-2020 as well as an invitation to Paul’s “Wednesday painting group” art exhibition.

 We hope that you will find something of interest in our programme and looking forward to seeing you at our meetings.

Newsletter No. 2 - 2020
Meetings September to December 2020
DEG NL 2-2020.pdf
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Dear Members and Friends,

We are pleased to let you know that the vote to move to our new location was unanimous. So in future all our meetings will take place at Ambet, Ilmenaustraße 2, 38120 Braunschweig.

Meetings start at 19:30 hrs. with tea and talk and the main subject starts at 20:00 hrs. Please note that for security reasons the doors will be closed at 20:00 hrs. so please try and be there before then. Should you, however be late, please come to the small side door and ring the bell and someone will let you in. Parking is available on the property directly in front of the garages or in the street.

Looking forward to seeing you in our new home.








Prof. Dr. Angelika Kubanek und Dr. Dale Jones, TU Braunschweig,

und Paul Kavanagh, Präsident der Deutsch-Englischen Gesellschaft

Braunschweig e.V., mit Studierenden der TU Braunschweig im Rathaus.


Studierende der TU Braunschweig informieren sich über Städtepartnerschaften und den Brexit


 Im Rahmen der Englischlehrerausbildung und des Veranstaltungsbausteins „Intercultural Communication“ informierten sich Studierende der TU Braunschweig über die Städtepartnerschaften und –freundschaften der Stadt Braunschweig. Paul Kavanagh, Präsident der Deutsch-Englischen Gesellschaft Braunschweig e.V., diskutierte mit den Studierenden über die Ursachen und Auswirkungen des Brexit. 

Please read the interesting report on the Erasmus exchange from Heinrich-Büssing School Braunschweig in Bath which was realized with the friendly support of Paul Kavanagh, President of the Anglo-German Association, Braunschweig

Report on Erasmus exchange Bath 2019
Bericht über den Erasmus Austausch Bath
Microsoft Word Dokument 2.3 MB

Meet the International Tea and Talk Group for Brunch

at Café Zeit, Sack 24, 38100 Braunschweig -

Every Thursday -  11.00h - 13.30h

Conversation in English -

All nationalities welcome.

For more information contact our member Katherine Küppers under:


Dear Members and Friends, 


We may from time to time use photos taken at our events and publish them in our Newsletter and on our website which as you are aware can be seen throughout the world.


In order to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act, we would like to obtain your consent that such photographs may be published. We assure you, we will not use any personal details or give full names of any person in a photographic image.


Please give us your permission / or objection by return mail.


Kind regards,


Carmela Folgosa




BRIDGE builds a bridge. - From July, 3rd to July, 7th 2016 the below mentioned group of Brunswick Bridge players followed an invitation and visited their Twin City Bath to represent „Bridge & Art Braunschweig“ as well as „Braunschweig 1937“.



Pictured are from left to right: Amy Wegge, Magdalena Grüner-Troch, Joëlle und Christian Ohlmer, Ulrike Görnemann, Michael Seiffert, Christina Lehne, Martin Wegge, Doris Lücke,
Ria Möreke, Gabriele Gerhardt

Everyone was deeply overwhelmed by the natural kindness and great hospitality we received from the people of Bath.




July, 5th 2016 at the Guildhall: Philippa Sontheimer, Julian Sontheimer, Amy Wegge,
Michael Seiffert, Paul Crossley (the Mayor of Bath), Magdalena Grüner-Troch
, Bryan Chalker (Chairman of the Twinning Society), Christina Lehne, Christian Ohlmer, Joëlle Ohlmer, Ria Möreke, Doris Lücke, Martin Wegge, Gabriele Gerhardt, Ulrike Görnemann, Judy Spencer, Christine MacFarlane







Well, obviously everybody agreed to this unwritten motto. We immediately felt home at 16-18, Queen Square. The warm, familiar, social and friendly atmosphere at the Bridge School of Bath made us friends right from the start! We really loved to play Bridge at this fantastic nice club! Let us call it „The Spirit of Bath“ - be sure, we bottled it and packed it into our suitcases ready to release it at home.

 - We are looking forward to welcome the friendly Bath Bridge Players to Brunswick in May 2017.
See you!




Here are the Brunswick Twinning Bridge Farewell Party team winners. Pictured are: Rita James from Bath, Michael Seiffert, Joëlle and Christian Ohlmer sporting their hard earned bridge medals.


By Ulrike Görnemann

Paul's comment on the situation after the Brexit published in the newspaper
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Dear Members and Friends,


Please read here the interview with Paul Kavanagh regarding the Brexit:

Braunschweig has become even more colourful and more attractive. There is a new shop called "Simply British" in Braunschweig, Schützenstraße 3-4. You can buy original British food (such as tea, Marmite etc.) and other specialities here. Visit the beautiful shop and the homepage:          

                                                                                                                      It is worth it!


In May 2016 the Deutsch-Englische Gesellschaft was invited to participate in a training session at the TuRa petanque terrain. We had a happy time with expert players from TuRa and Magni Boulers. DEG thanks both clubs for their patience and explanations as well as swapping their training days.


The members and friends of DEG are invited by two Braunschweig Pétanque clubs to join their training sessions:


Wednesdays, 19:00 hrs - open end
Boulodrôme with floodlight

at the back of the TuRa-clubhouse 

Bienroder Weg 51 


The way to the piste is cordened-off with a chain, please be careful and bring a torch. 



Thursdays at about 17:30 hrs
Boulodrôme with floodlight (a torch can be useful, too)

Griegstr. 50 


Feel free to join the training session at the time that suits you best.



Dear Members and Friends,


Thank you for your support at this difficult time.





Treve Erdmenger 

(1940 – 2015)

Wir trauern um die langjährige 1. Vorsitzende der Deutsch-Englischen Gesellschaft Braunschweig.

Sie war eine Inspiration für uns alle und wird uns sehr fehlen.

Ihr Wirken und ihr Engagement für unseren Verein und die Städtepartnerschaft Braunschweig-Bath werden für uns unvergessen bleiben.

Wir danken für ihre Freundschaft und die vielen schönen gemeinsamen Abende.

Good bye, we shall never forget you, dear friend.

Members and committee of the DEG

Miranda Davies, being very interested in history and arts, has now written a blog about the history of Braunschweig in English:



Report about trip to Bath in July 2015

The group of 15 that made their way to Bath in July was lucky to have warm, pleasant weather and not more than a light shower of rain. The chief reason for our trip was to take part in the 10thanniversary celebrations of the City of Bath Pétanque Club, but naturally also to visit the famous sights of Bath and places of interest in the vicinity, as well as renewing friendly contacts to members of the Bath-Braunschweig Twinning Association.

The pétanque club, some of whose members we had got to know as friendly and cheerful folk in Braunschweig, had decided to invite teams from their twin towns and from other places in Europe that they had played against in tournaments. As a result, quite an international competition took place with teams from Aix-en-Provence, Kaposvar (Hungary), Vienna, the Black Forest and Jersey as well as our group. We were not experienced club players, but some of us do it for fun and out of interest in French culture. We all practiced for several weeks beforehand, determined to make a decent showing. Well, we did not win a cup, but we had a lot of fun on a warm sunny Saturday at the new pétanque terrain, that was ceremoniously opened that morning.

It was a great day, with people from different parts of Europe and different nationalities playing together in a spirit of competitiveness, but also of friendship and harmony. The cup winners were a strong team from Hungary after hard-fought matches against an excellent team from Aix-en-Provence. All day club ladies provided tea or coffee with cake, the bar sold cool drinks and in the evening we all enjoyed a hot paella outdoors. An unforgettable day for which we thank all the organizers, but especially Don Grimes, and Diane Greenaway, who not only met us at the airport (after a 3-hour bus trip due to a traffic accident), but took us to our "house" at Bath University, where we found a "welcome" cake and breakfast provisions.

Then there was the farewell dinner for everybody, but before that we took in Bath and its famous sights, some nearby attractions, went shopping, swam in the new Thermae Bath Spa and caught up with friends from the twinningassociation. These encounters and activities across borders are what makes twinning worthwhile. We came home with good memories, a sense of what the European Union really means and the wish to see our friends from Bath and other places back here in Braunschweig before too long. We´ll tell you more at our meeting on 5thNovember.

Trip to the Photomuseum and Café Britannia in Braunschweig

On Saturday, 19th September 2015, some members and friends of the DEG visited the photo exhibition "October - Zwischen Steubenparade und Alpine Village. Auf den Spuren deutscher Einwanderer in den USA" by Birte Hennig. Although the photos were interesting we were a little disappointed. We missed some explanations and details below the photos. But it was nice to spend the afternoon together.

The delicious Cream Tea we enjoyed afterwards in the Café Britannia, Steinweg 30, was fantastic. We had some nice chats in a relaxed atmosphere and it was really good to meet so many of you.

Some interesting pages recommended by Amadeo Miller:

During the summer of 2014 German TV correspondent for the ARD (2008 - 2014), Annette Dittert, published a video blog which consists of ten short films all featuring personal sightseeing tips for London approved by Ms. Dittert herself. With London Unplugged Ms. Dittert kind of continues her well known and utterly missed TV series London Calling which you also could find on her website.

For your next visit in Bath you might be interested to visit the workshop of Timothy Richards. He is famous for his architectural models
and "[...] remains the only person living to have developed such work." The models are, for example, used for the education of aspiring architecs at universities and are sought after by collectors.

The DEG met in the Kinomuseum in Vollbüttel on Saturday, 25th April 2015. We were given a tour of the display of old cinematic equipment, cameras etc., then had coffee, tea and cake in the Kino-Café and then sat in historic cinema seats to look at some vintage Mr. Bean, to celebrate the 60th birthday this year of Rowan Atkinson.

A very enjoyable and entertaining afternoon!

Copy from the Newsletter of St Gregory's Sixth Form in Bath:

 A member of the DEG, Pia Landsmann, is telling about her school exchange:

We wish farewell to Pia

With the fantastic support of various members of the Bath- Braunschweig Twinning Association I was able to attend St Gregory’s School Sixth Form in Bath for three months, from January to March 2015.

It was an amazing experience. The school and the people were so welcoming and made me feel at home from the start. I learned so much, from haemoglobin to Henry VII and ‘The Catcher in the Rye’.

Thank you so much, Mr Friel, Mrs Boardman, Mrs Parr, and all of my teachers for accepting me at your school, it was incredible.

Learning and living in a different country is always difficult at first, because of the different language and different culture, but you gain so much from it, such as new friends, experience, knowledge about the language and culture, and so much more.

All in all, it was a great experience and everyone was so lovely, understanding and helpful.

Pia Landsmann, Year 12 German student

We enjoyed a nice trip to the Sprengel Museum in Hanover on 21st February 2015 to see the exhibition "We love Britain" showing photographer Martin Parr's impressions of "Britishness".

Martin Parr was born in Epson, Surrey, in 1952 and studied photography at Manchester Polytechnic. He is focused on everyday things. He makes, as he himself says, the ordinary visible by making it seem extraordinary.

His photographs and his collection of photographic books and strange everyday objects are shown in museums and galleries worldwide.

The exhibition also showed a film "Think of England" where Martin Parr travelled through England asking people he met what they considered to be typically English. His travels took him into garden parties, breakfast rooms, suburban front gardens and pubs and along party miles and pleasure beaches. The answers he received were as different as the lifestyles and cultural backgrounds of the people he spoke to. Together they formed a comprehensive picture of what England is about.

Further parts of the exhibition were "Autoportraits", "Common Sense", "The Last Resort", "The Cost of Living", "Liberation", "Bad Weather".



This photo shows the Mayor of Bath Cherry Beath, her husband Richard and Braunschweig's Lord Mayor Ulrich Markurth. Cherry Beath signed the Golden Book of Braunschweig. Bryan Chalker and the councillor Gerry Curran also belonged to the delegation of Bath that had been invited for an official civic visit to commemorate 70 years of the bombing of Braunschweig on 14th October. There was a friendly and warm reception at the old town hall, a delicious dinner and a speech by Dr. Henning Steinführer on the importance of remembrance. The commemoration act ended with a very special ceremony at the cathedral at 10 p.m. when the regional bishop Dr. Christoph Meyns reminded people of the dead and the destruction. In his speech he stood up for peace and international understanding. The actor Hans Jürgen Heinze read from the childhood memories of the author Eckhard Schimpf who remembered the events that had happened in October 1944 when he was a six-year-old child. It was a very emotional evening which moved all of the visitors deeply. We all felt how important forgiveness and friendship are.


This photo was taken during a meeting of the committee of the Anglo-German Association with our friends from Bath (by name: the Mayor from Bath Cherry Beath, her husband Richard, councillor Gerry Curran and Bryan Chalker) in the restaurant of the Stadthotel Magnitor in Braunschweig's picturesque part of the town called Magniviertel. It was a nice and entertaining evening. New friendships were built and the existing ones were even more strengthened. 

On Sunday, 27th July 2014 the DEG presented itself during the "Tag der Braunschweigischen Landschaft" in Vechelde in the International Village. Tea, homemade scones, muffins and cake were offered. Informative conversations were held about the aims and the events of the DEG as well as on the twinning activities with our beautiful twin city Bath in England. It was very hot that day. Thanks to all the people who helped to make that day such a successful and nice one.

Further information: