50 years Deutsch-Englisch Gesellschaft - 50 years Bath-Braunschweig twinning

What a happy anniversary!

We are proud of having reached the age of 50. Eva and Manfred have therefore prepared a presentation of the milestones of the past 50 years which we are very thankful for.

The beginning and the first half
50 years DEG Manfred.pptx
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The second half
50 Years Slides Eva.ppsx
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About the DEG-Archive


We, the members of the DEG e.V., "raided our ice boxes" and have set up an archive documenting our long history of more than 40 years. Letters, photos, guestbooks, clippings and much more did we unearth.


Now we are proud to present some milestones of our chronology in form of an abridged version.


Do YOU have some footage or personal remembrance of events in connection with the DEG e.V.?
We are curious to hear your personal story or see your memorabilia.
If you want to share your material with us or have a question, get in touch with us under: 


DEG Timeline 1951-1923
DEG Timeline 1951-2023.pdf
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