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Walk and Talk
Weather Permitting
Monday - Friday : 
13.30h - 15.30h Sunday : Flexible.
Start: Stöckheim or venue
to be arranged at short notice.
For more information
please contact Katherine:

Let's start a cycling group! 
Suggestions: March - To the Woods! Buschwindröschen time! April - Schloss Richmond - Bürgerpark May - Leiferde -Südsee June - Heidbergsee Mascherode Suggestions Wanted! Bikes can be taken by Bus or
even train to meeting places, starting venues or back home again if too far. Easy! Times and dates to be arranged at short notice depending on
the weather.
For more information please contact Katherine Kueppers:



How about a DEG Camera Club?

Is anyone interested in photography?
If so, please contact Katherine Kueppers:




Waiting for spring